Richard - flutemaker

I made my first Native American style flute nearly 15 years ago. It was a simple design in the key of G minor. And though it was somewhat crude it had a pretty "decent" sound. Since that first instrument I've created many flutes in a variety of keys and numerous types of wood , mostly on an "off and on" basis. But now, I've begun to dedicate a great deal of time, energy, and resources to the art of flute making, because of my Uncle David. David Stepp was a very talented man in so many ways. He was highly intelligent, a deep thinker, an author, a healer, a teacher, and a craftsman. Uncle David not only created flutes but many things associated with Native Americans, including drums. In fact, David Stepp is the creator of SunTurtle flutes. In the Summer of 2017 my sister and I flew from Oklahoma to Oregon to be with our Uncle who was battling cancer. He passed away a short time after we returned home. But during our visit my desire to begin creating flutes again was reborn. But this time, I've developed a real passion for the highest quality flute possible. Uncle David left me the SunTurtle brand, as well as some other important elements in the process. Not only do I feel honored to have been mentored by my Uncle, but I have a real vision. This website is just a small part of that vision. I hope all who visit this site will be inspired and blessed. Thank you for your interest! For more about my music visit my other website by clicking the tab

RedHawk's Journey by R. Stepp and Yolanda Martinez


Richard is a Native American Music Award winning singer/songwriter/musician 

Richard is playing the Native flute for this movie trailor